Publish your digital products. Easy, secure, reliable.

We give you the power to easily distribute releases of your digital products to your subscribers.

Publishing new software releases into marketplaces sucks.

Our software developer tribe wants to automate everything. As soon as we leave our auomated CI/CD bubble, we have to deal with other services like Gumroad or WooCommerce.

ninkik connects our developer bubble with the sales and marketing world, so we can easily automate and distribute new releases without manual intervention.

About ninkik

Our mission to faster releases

We give software vendors, release managers and indie hackers the power to distribute and manage their releases in an easy and reliable way.

API Mandate

ninkik provides a full-fledged API to automate your release and distribution cycles.


Provide your customers a top-level view of the releases and changelogs of your digital products.


Gain insight how your releases have evolved over time.

Full Lifecyle

From the first to the lastest release: Keep track of every release.


Grant subscribers access to your releases in a highly granular way.



Make release processes easier for you and your customers.


Setting up your continuous publishing and selling pipeline

Connect marketplaces to ninkik

Connect the different marketplaces and services (e.g. WooCommerce, Gumroad, Twitch, YouTube) to ninkik.

Choose your distribution type

Use any type of file or Docker image to distribute your product.

Set up your build pipeline

Use cron jobs, bash scripts or your favorite Continuous Integration tool to build your releases. Connect them to ninkik.

Create new digital content

Create new releases of your digital products and grant your customers instant access.


for Software Vendors and Indie Hackers

Connect your well-known products to ninkik and automate all the things.

You like using Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or Concourse? You are using Gumroad or WooCommerce to sell your software? You are handling your support requests with Atlassian Jira or Zendesk?

We got you covered.

Automate everything

You have access to the fully-fledged API. Automate every step of your release process.
Automatically inform your customers through webhooks.

Easy integration of E-Commerce shops

Connect your WooCommerce shop or Gumroad account to ninkik to distribute the software to your customers.

Continuous Publishing

Connect your favorite CI/CD tool with ninkik to easily publish releases.

Support requests

Handle support requests through ninkik and push them to Jira or ZenDesk.

Giving love
to Release and Product Managers

As a product manager or release manager you have to know everything about new and old releases of your products.

Gain insight into the distribution state of your different releases and open up new distribution markets.


Get a detailled overview of the usage of your releases. Identify old versions and features to deprecate.

Beta channels and release trains.

Grant access to pre-releases to dedicated beta customers. Organize your different products with the help of release trains.

Flexible subscription models

Grant access to releases based upon the customer's subscription policy.


Open up new markets by distributing your releases as subscriptions for Docker images.

Content creators

As a content creator you love to create new things. What about some new ways to engange with your subscribers?

Distribute files offside of your current ways to make your subscribers happy.

Custom Twitch Drops

Distribute your own Drops to the subscribers of your Twitch channel.


Grant your channel members or subscribers access to unlisted YouTube videos.


Important Features

  • Flexible handling of subscription access
  • Notify customers of new customers
  • Handle support requests in one place
  • Sell on Gumroad
  • WooCommerce shops
  • Release channels
  • Organize releases over products with release trains
  • Validate your release version schema
  • Central management of changelogs
Building and Distribution
  • Support for CI pipelines like Jenkins, GitHub Actions and Concourse
  • Distribute Docker images through Amazon Elastic Container Registry (supports subscription-based access)
  • Distribute releases through Amazon S3